“Follow the Yellow Brick Road”

Clinicians have a pervasive desire for meaning and connection in our work. We want to connect in more adaptive and healthful ways with ourselves, our colleagues and our patients, and the search for connection & meaning are motivators that brought us to our work in the first place. Somewhere on our life path many of us have lost our way and are looking for a way back. A way back to our deepest longings to be helpful and to connect. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we are looking for a way back “home”.

What matters?

What I hear from colleagues at all stages of their healthcare careers is that not enough attention is focused on helpful ways “to be with” those we are asked to serve. Instead, we are trained in what “to do with and to others”, on how to “intervene”, and the not so subtle message is that if you can’t quantify it then it does not count. But we know it does count. It does count when we connect with patients and they feel it and express it. It counts when a mother at her child’s funeral sees you enter the room, runs up and hugs you and says, with tears in her eyes, “thank you so much.” It not only counts, it is what we are looking for – Knowing, in our hearts, that we make a difference.

  • How can we create more moments of connection and healing at work?
  • What mindful self-compassion practices can we learn to build resilience?
  • How can we learn what to do, in the moment, to come closer to the clinician and person we aspire to be?

Who is 1PRACTICE for?

  • For clinicians (physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals) who see their professional identities and personal aspirations of who they want to be and how they want to act in the world, as one thing.
  • Both for those who already have a meditation practice and for beginners who are curious to see how mindfulness practice might be helpful to them.

What will we be doing?

  • Taking a break from the usual demands of clinical practice, while also going deeper to reconnect with and savor what really matters.
  • 1PRACTICE is something that you can know but also something you can do. Workshop participants will be offered the opportunity to try a variety of contemplative and interactive exercises.
  • Taking a 2nd look at assumptions behind behaviors we find ourselves inexplicably manifesting at times (e.g. “why am I so angry at myself/my colleague/my patient?).

When & where & for how long…?

  • Might be interested? You have suggestions? – Please share them & sign up below.